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    Vastu Can Solve The Problem of Delay In Marriage

    The popular adage says “Marriages are made in Heaven” and most of us will agree and endorse this quote. Marriage is a once in life-time occasion in everyone’s life, where vows are taken solemnly to support and live with each other through all thick and thin in life. However, parents put a lot of efforts to find the suitable match for their children.

    Sometimes, it seems very difficult for them to find the suitable match. What is the cause for delay in marriage? This type of question in your mind makes you anxious. The answer to this question may be found in the location and direction of your house. Vastu has all the solutions to your problems. The direction science plays a crucial role in your marriage. Everyone has his own favourable direction, and if your direction of marriage is not suitable direction then that could be the cause for delay in marriage.

    How Can Vastu Help

    Vastu principles are concerned with daily activities of human beings. The idea is to attract positive vibrations to the house for peace and prosperity. The Science of Directions influences your overall health, wealth, marriage and education.

    As per direction science the section of Marriage (Vivahsthan) in your house, should be in a favourable direction, and that specific section should not be shorter in length. If the section of Marriage in the house is short in length there would be obstacles in your marriage or it can postpone your marriage.

    Ensure that there is no toilet/bathroom in the marriage segment of the house and avoid keeping heavy objects for a long time in that place. If your going to get married make sure that you sleep in your bedroom and towards your favourable direction to avoid delay in marriage. There should be no grunge and clutter in that place and always keeps it clean. Not following these guidelines may cause imbalance in energies and lead to delay in marriage.

    Marriage is all about sacred rituals and traditions. Vastu plays a prominent role in marriage; it helps you attract marriage proposals and maintain a happy and healthy marital life. Saral Marriage Vastu empowers you with simple and unique Vastu solutions. Saral Marriage Vastu expert helps you know your favorable direction. Our expert will give you precious Vastu remedies and he will guide you how to utilize the direction of marriage to avoid delay in marriage.

    You can see the results within three to eight months of time and no doubt after implementing Saral Marriage Vastu sacred principles you can get marriage proposals and you can live an exquisite and peaceful life ahead!