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Welcome to Amazing world of Nakshatra Astrology. Astrologer / Medical Astrologer /matrimony Krishnamurthy Astrologer (based on south Indian Nakshatra method) working for Career Guidance, medical Astrology & Infertility. 25,000 horoscopes has been prepared & record of everyone is maintained. Gives instant telephone guidance of client so that they can take prompt decisions of major events of life. Also specialized in marriage matching for choosing appropriate partner. MEDICAL ASTROLOGY Science of predignosis of health which will be benefited for detection of aliments and rescheduling diet and precautionary measures for controlling health issue. Genetical disorders, mental and emotional status which are the effecting factor for career , education and married life. Also useful for interflity wich is a major problem in new generation. Riscy periods in life and cause of injuries can be controlled by preintimation by this science. CAREER GUIDANCE Plays important role in young generation during standard Xth to XIIth . Specific guidance of choosing fields will motivate study concentration and economic growth as well as job satisfaction also. Span of study and place will also promote to reschedule career activities. Knowledge of multiprofession will be benefited for wide prosperity Job, Business, Consultancy, Foreign trade, Operation can be aount investments or transaction , property investment, unexpected losses can be analysed. CHILD PSYCHOLOGY Dyslexia, partially mentally retarded , exploitation depression, phibia, personality development, inclination of mind, diet & sleep schedule, physical maturity, emotional level, health issues, family & friends relations can be analysed for improvement of growth & career. VASTU Earth’s magnetic field, sunlight, air and eight direction are the effecting factors for prosparity and mental peace. On that basis Indian Vastushastra is developed purchasing of new property or rectification in existing property will improve family relations & mental stabilities and economic prosperity. MATRIMONY Due to Modern lifestyle, status, ambitions and selection a life partner. Also post marital problem child issue , less compromising attitude, nature matching prosperity after marriage , mutual understanding, sexual imbalance are the important aspects for selection of life partener. Nakshatra Matrimony will provide a partener of your expectation as well as appropriate marriage matching with all important aspects which are very much important for sustaining happy married life proposal can be provided with choice by either net media or personal visit also. Facility for marriage counseling with the help of descriptive astrological guidance can be provided.

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